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Notes #3


Is it weird that I’d rather take my grundle to a cheese grater rather than sit through this class?

I mean I guess I could actually do the readings and participate in class, which might make it more interesting. However, as I gaze at the professor and listen to him ramble on, I realize if I read the material then he would win. And I’ll be damned if I let him win! I will continue to fight the good fight, not just for me but for those too weak to fight for themselves; and for America. Because if not doing your homework isn’t American, then I don’t know what is.

Oh and honestly, screw these over-eager fuckers and their big words. “There is an acute sense of idealogical thoughts…” Stop throwing letters together and calling them words. You don’t impress anyone because you can say things longer then seven letters. Hell half this class is probably as confused as I am. Though I doubt anyone of them wants to punch you in the face as much as I do. I hope the next time you use a big word you get herpes. That will teach you, you snobbish fuck.


Notes #2


I’m pretty sure I’d rather stick my ballsack in a blender and play “Will It Blend?” rather then sit through this class for the rest of this semester. Seriously I have no idea what the fuck is going on. I’m pretty sure the professor is on his way to being considerede completely and legally senile. Therefor its hard for my exhausted mind to keep track of everything he says. Further more, these students who raise their hands to offer their opinions on the story are most likely bull shitting.

Each of them is reaching as far up their ass as their hands can reach, and are withdrawing them with fist full of steaming shit. And the professor is so far off his rocker that he’s agreeing with every single steaming opinion, even those that directly contradict each other in their views and ideals. Then he rambles on for minutes at a time, pausing every few words as he struggles to grasp the English language and arrange the words into one coherent thought; a coherent thought that he always seems to butcher somewhere between his brain and when it leaves the tip of his tongue.

Somebody…anybody please, for the love of God, save me from this class.

Notes #1

Last semester while in one of my classes I took “notes.” By that I mean I was bored out of my mind, didn’t pay attention and just wrote things that came to my mind. I’ve decided to post these “notes” for others to see because it was recommended to me by some friends. The writing can be considered offensive to some. It’s cool. I have an offensive mind. However, I would like to state I do not mean to offend anyone with these postings. Everyone thinks things that can offend someone, some of us are just brave enough or stupid enough, probably stupid enough, to put those thoughts into words.


So the professor walked into class with a smile that was half-insane, half-creepy and all sorts of scary. The kind of smile that makes you think he’s going to lock the door, murder everyone and then go buck wild butt raping our corpses. Also I’m not positive but I’m pretty sure he stares at me way too much. What if he is thinking of doing what his smile implies? Oh god, now the image is in my head. WHY DO I THINK THESE THINGS!?

If anyone reads this after finding my sodomized corpse in a ditch and no one has been arrested yet for my murder and anal violation, look into Professor Creepstein. Seriously though this guy shouldn’t be teaching. Maybe I should get him fired. I’d be saving this campus one necrophiliac butt pirate with bad hair at a time. They’d probably give me a medal for service to the school; and for being awesome. Because the fact that I haven’t won an award for being awesome yet, well its a tragedy that should be rectified immediately. America’s biggest fuck up since slavery. And yes I am comparing me not getting an award for being awesome to slavery. Don’t worry, it’s cool; we have a black president…